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Tuesday, February 21, 2006's Mom...

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Isaac's Birth Story
There is not really that much to this story, but it is one of great healing and transformation (that has continued into the present moment!).

On Friday, Jan. 13th, I had the weirdest feeling all day. I think you kind of "know" when it is the real birth (especially after 2 false starts). It was the weekend of the full moon, and during the full moon in December, I heard "he will be born by the next full moon." Know that I had no idea what the gender was, or how many kiddos I was carrying, so I was happy to hear that a little boy would be here by the next full moon.

On Jan. 14, my water broke at 12:01 am - labor was starting. The Mister got up and woke up the girls. I figured that we were about 6-12 hours away from birth, so we didn't call anyone to announce the pending birth.

Around 2am, I called a friend to be my "girlie friend." :) The Mister was doing an awesome job of being a birth partner...we were having a great time. There was so much laughter and joy around us, and I was very excited to birth a new one into the world.

Well...for about 20 hours I labored, soaked in the bath, moaned, chanted, did birth yoga, walked around, prayed and visualized. By late evening of the 14th, I was in incredible pain, and was not able to really function anymore. It was at that time that I realized I was in some serious back labor (Isaac was face presenting, meaning his backbone and my backbone were aligned - Kundalini Rising?? Yeah, I think so, too!). I tried all the positions I had learned during my midwifery studies, but knew that something wasn't right (I couldn't feel his head), so I knew we needed to transport.

The Mister drove, at 85 MPH, to a hospital that is transport friendly. I was scared that I would get docs who would lecture me, so I set myself into "super strong" mode immediately. As I was being wheeled up to the L&D ER, I stayed focused on having a healing and healthy birth.

After my check-in, and exam, I was told that I would need another c-section. My words were, "I know, I was hoping for one." I told the docs and nurses about my experience with the girls. Everyone of them promised my experience now would be different...and it was.

All the OR docs and nurses were awesome. They were singing, laughing and talking to The Mister and me about life, babies and recent news. While I was getting my spinal, the doc sang CSNY songs to me (with a hysterical Indian accent). During the surgery, the OB/GYN found a large dermoid cyst on my left a jovial manner she said, "you want me to take this out now - or come back again in two weeks to have it removed"? I started laughing because it was just so funny at the time...

It took some work to get Isaac out because he was already in the canal. His head still has this Egyptian look about it... Anyway... After he was "Birthed," he began to scream and cry. He was the most alert any of the med folks had seen for a c-section baby. His first Apgar was so high that he would have received a 10, but the OB/GYN doesn't do 10s because she feels it "jinxes" the baby. ;) While they were sewing me up, they handed Isaac to The Mister, who was able to hold him and put Isaac to my face so I could kiss on him. It was sooo awesome!

From the time he was born, Isaac has been "singing." He loves to just hum and make noise. It was the wildest thing...

After the OR, Isaac and I are wheeled into recovery where I get to nurse him. They bring us the placenta, then leave us alone to bond. He nursed like a champ, and really shocked all the old nurses at how aware and present he was.

From that moment on, I've been awed by the healing power of this guy....

While in the hospital, I had a lot of time to look at issues of my past. Having your base chakra meridians severed (again), has a tendency to bring up things that haven't been dealt with. I handled some pretty scary things (health, family, spirit, etc.). I'm still working with the tools I was given during this whole experience. I received many answers to questions that I had (and questions that I didn't know I had)...I would do it all over again - no questions asked.


Have a blessed day! I got other things to post about that are very, very happy and joyful, but will save that for another time.

*big love*


At 8:45 AM, Blogger hipchickmamma said...

what an amazing little guy you have! he is beautiful and it sounds like his "spirit" is already strong or has been around the block a bit.

you sound wonderful! thanks for sharing your birth experience. it sounds very scary at times but ended in joy.

many blessings for you, the Mister, the girls and Issac.!

much love,

At 11:55 PM, Blogger Dan Trabue said...

Wow! What a exciting story. I had no idea it was such an adventure for you (well, beyond the fact that every birth is a wild adventure).


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